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Ector FFA Shop



2018-2019 FFA Officers

President- Kaylee Nelson

Vice President- Kylea Simpson

Secretary- Kaleb Blakey

Treasurer- Raegan Gibbs

Reporter- Luke Oliver

Sentinel- Autumn Campbell


2018 Fannin County Fair Results

Breeding Heifers
Kaylee Nelson 1st Place Beefmaster
Kaylee Nelson 2nd Place Beefmaster
Chesney Robinson- 2nd Place Beefmaster
Tatom Robinson- Grand Champion Santa Gertrudis
Audrey Arie- Grand Champion Maine Anjou
Hope Ball- Reserve Champion Red Angus
Autumn Campbell- Grand Champion ORB
Annsley Campbell- Reserve Champion ORB


Commercial Heifers
Kaylee Nelson- 5th Place   Sold in Commercial heifer sale for $1,350
Tatom Robinson- 7th Place   Sold in Commercial Heifer sale for $1,275


Breeding Goats
Annsley Campbell- Reserve Overall Breeding goat
Ryllie Collinsworth- 2nd Place in class
Allea Wheeler- 2nd Place in Class

Autumn Campbell- 2nd Place in class


Market Goats
Emma Garner- 2nd Place in class  sold in Market sale for $1,000
Weldon Garner- 5th Place in class
Allea Wheeler- 8th Place in Class


Market Pigs
Ava Hodge- 2nd Place in class sold in market sale for $1,300
Addison Hodge- 4th Place in class sold in market sale for $1,500
Kylea Simpson- 4th Place in class
Kaleb Blakey- 5th Place in class
Kobe Simpson- 6th Place in class
Zoie Horton- 6th Place in class
Allea Wheeler- 4th Place in class
Zachary Hull- 5th Place in class


Shop Projects
Tatom Robinson- Grand overall shop project

Lanie Reynolds and Jayna Flowers- Grand Champion Large Outdoor Convenience shop project division
J.B Johnson- Grand Champion Lawn and tables shop project division
Chesney Robinson- Grand Champion Miscellaneous shop project division
Brayden Lusk and Corey Whitburn- Grand Champion smokers and grills shop project division
Beau Collins and Carly Jones- 2nd Place large outdoor convenience shop project division
Kaleb Blakey, Beau Collins, and Jordyn Blakey- 3rd Place trailer division
Zack Reeves, Jacob Carpenter- 4th Place trailer division


Breeding Rabbits
Skyler Kenas- 1st Place
Tristan Kenas- 1st Place
Reese Gibbs- 1st Place
Raegan Gibbs- 1st Place
Heath Bingham- 1st Place
Ethan Robinson- 1st Place
Rose Russell- 1st Place
Emilie Russell- 1st Place

Jesseca Bellows- 1st Place
Abby Harris- 1st Place
Bobbie Collinsworth- 1st Place
Jael Grijalva- 1st Place
Ryllie Collinsworth- 1st Place


Breeding Chickens
Saul Grijalva- 2nd Place
Kyrin Beach- 3rd Place
Mylie Beach- Participation
Julia Bailey- Participation
Brent Bailey- Participation
Karlee Haggard- Participation
Bobbie Collinsworth- Participation
Jael Grijalva- Participation
Ryllie Collinsworth- Participation


























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Starting in August 2019 Telehealth