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LeAnn Sellers

Welcome to Mrs. Sellers' classroom.


8:00-8:40      5A Science

8:43-9:23      4th Science

9:26-10:06     5B Science

10:09-10:49   6th Science

10:52-11:32   Conference

11:32-12:02   Lunch

12:05-12:45   6th Science/Health

12:48-1:28     4th Science/Health

1:31-2:11       5A Science/Health

2:14-2:54       5B Science/Health

2:57-3:15       Study Hall


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The Ector fifth grade class went on a field trip to Camp Jolt on November 7th. Camp Jolt is a science oriented camp located in Pottsboro near Lake Texoma.

At the camp, the students were involved in several exciting and educational activities. The first activity was team-building, in which the students had a specific task to accomplish. In order to successfully complete the task, they had to work together to solve each problem. They effectively completed the task using problem solving skills such as listening to one another, helping each other, and trying different strategies.

The next activity they completed was an owl pellet investigation. They learned that owl pellets are remains of animals that the owls cannot digest, so they “cough” them out.  At first the students were reluctant to tear the pellets apart.  Once they started, though, they were excited about what they discovered. They had to identify the type of animal by the remains that they found.

The final activity was a GPS scavenger hunt. The students had to partner up and search for different locations using a hand held GPS. Even though this challenge was difficult, most of the students thought it was the funniest activity of the day. They enjoyed trying to find the locations on their own without any adults helping.

The students had an educational and fun filled day.  We would like to say a big “thank you” to Susana, our guide. She made our day extremely fun!  Also, a big “thank you” for Ector ISD for funding our trip!

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