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Internet Postings Required for Texas School Districts


District Contact Information (Tex. Loc. Gov't Code § 140.008(f)(2) and Texas Gov't Code § 2051.152)

District of Innovation Plan (Texas Education Code § 12A.005(a)(1) and 19 Administrative Code 102.1305(3) and 102.1307(a)(1))

Federal Report Card

Campus Report Card- Ector Elementary (Texas Education Code 39.362)

Campus Report Card - Ector High School (Texas Education Code § 39.362)

District Performance Report (Texas Education Code § 39.362)

District Accreditation Status (Texas Education Code § 39.362)

Definition of Accreditation Status (Texas Education Code § 39.362)

Texas Academic Performance Report (19 Administrative Code 61.1022(f)) and (Texas Education Code § 39.306(c))

Ector Elementary TAPR


EISD Annual Federal Report Card (20 U.S. Code 6311 (h((2)B(iii))

State of Texas Annual Federal Report Card

Notice of School Board Meetings (Texas Government Code § 551.056)

Conflicts Disclosure Statements (Tex. Loc. Gov't Code § 176.009)

Conduct on School Premises (Texas Education Code § 37.105)

Title IX Information (34 C.F.R. §§ 106.8(b), .45(b)(10)(i)(D))

Title IX Training Materials (34 C.F.R. §§ 106.8(b), .45(b)(10)(i)(D))

EISD Elementary Accountability Rating

EISD High School Accountability Rating

Explanation of School Accountability Ratings



Proposed Budget (Texas Education Code § 44.0041(a)(1))

Adopted Budget (Texas Education Code § 44.0051)

Annual Local Debt Report Form (Texas Loc. Gov't Code § 140.008(d), (f)(1))

Annual Financial Report 

Tax Rate Ordinance (Texas Tax Code § 26.18)

ESSER III Use of Funds

ESSER III Preliminary Budget

Debt Transparency



EISD Guidelines for Students with Food Allergies At-Risk for Anaphylaxis (Texas Education Code § 38.0151)

EISD Wellness Policy (Texas Education Code § 28.004(k))

EISD Tobacco Policy (Texas Education Code § 28.004(k)(3)(C))

Required and Recommended Immunizations (Texas Education Code § 38.019)

Meningitis Information for Students and Parents (Texas Education Code § 38.0025(a))

Pandemic Plan


Parents and Students

Dual Credit Partnership Agreement (Texas Education Code § 28.009 (b-2))

Dual Credit Reimbursement Requirements

Family Engagement Plan (19 Tex. Admin. Code § 102.1003(e))

Report Bullying (Texas Education Code § 37.0832(e))

EHS Course Guide

EISD Graduation Plan

TEA Graduation Toolkit (Texas Education Code § 28.02121(b))

Texas Transition and Employment Guide (English/Spanish (Texas Education Code § 29.0112(e)(1))

2023-24 Student Handbook

 Student Handbook Statement: English | Texas Education  Agency 

Student Handbook Statement: Spanish | Texas Education Agency 

2023-24 Student Code Of Conduct

Asynchronous Plan

Continuity Of Services Plan



EISD Employee Handbook (Texas Education Code § 21.204(d))

Board Policy

EISD Board Policy Online


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